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Sadie McKenzie will put students and families first!
    • Partner with staff to improve student outcomes
    • Provide better communication to parents
    • Help students bridge the gap created by school closures
    • Get politics out of our classrooms
    • Focus on basic education to prepare students for a bright future

    • Fostering a safe learning environment
Sadie with Teacher
Sadie with Teacher
“I’m running for School Board to improve student outcomes and provide better communication between the district and families. As your School Board Member, I’ll make certain that parents’ voices are heard, ensure they know when school board meetings are scheduled, and what’s printed on agendas. I’ll assure that our rights as parents are never overlooked.

Ever since the pandemic started, impactful decisions were made behind closed doors, without parental input; that’s wrong. Parents deserve to be heard with a seat at the table. If elected, I’ll be your voice to carry that message forward, loud and clear.“
Sadie McKenzie
candidate for Washougal School Board

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