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“As responsible citizens and parents, we must remove politics from our classrooms. Schools must get back to the basics; teaching kids how to think, not what to think, so they have a great start at succeeding in life.”
Sadie McKenzie
candidate for Washougal School Board
Meet Sadie McKenzie: mother, wife and community volunteer

Washougal mom Sadie McKenzie is running for Washougal School board Position 3 to improve student outcomes and provide better communication between the district and its families. What she loves most about our community is the amount of kindness and grace we give one another. Washougal is a special place and our community is like no other. Sadie is proud to be a parent raising her children here along with her husband Eric, and teaching them the values of living in a small community like ours.

Sadie is running for Washougal School Board to make certain our parents’ voices are heard. She’ll work to ensure parents know when school board meetings are happening and what is printed on the agendas. Ever since the pandemic started, impactful decisions have been made behind closed doors, and without parental input; Sadie believes this is wrong. The parents in our school district deserve to be heard and have a seat at the table. As your School Board Member, she will be your voice to carry that message
forward, loud and clear

As a parent, Sadie has been engaged in Washougal Public Schools and youth activities in our community
because she knows how valuable these programs are for our children. Young people need adult mentors
with integrity and she is proud to contribute her time and talent to make a difference right here in
Washougal. Sadie has served as Board Secretary for Columbia River Gorge Elementary School Boosters
and is also a volunteer with East County Little League. She’s one of us.

Sadie graduated from Concorde Career College and is accredited as a Dental Assistant by the American Dental Association. She’s lived in Washougal for the past decade and is married to her husband Eric McKenzie. They are raising their two sons here, age eight and ten. In addition to being a Dental Assistant for eight years, Sadie has also worked as a secretary for DeWils Industries.

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