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Sadie McKenzie will work to ensure our students in Washougal have a great start at succeeding in life!

Help students bridge the gap created by school closures
Sadie understands the urgent need to bridge the gap in student learning that was created by school closures during the pandemic. As your elected School Board Member, she is fully committed to partnering with our district teachers and administrators to deliver the best education opportunities for students left behind. Teachers, counselors, support staff and administrators must have shared goals to achieve better student outcomes to guarantee success. Sadie will provide strong leadership to make it happen. Working together, our community can make public education the best it can be!

Provide better communication to parents
Sadie is running for Washougal School Board to make certain our parents’ voices are heard. She will work to ensure parents know when school board meetings are happening and what is printed on the agendas. As your School Board Member, Sadie will assure that our rights as parents are never overlooked. Ever since the pandemic started, impactful decisions have been made behind closed doors, and without parental input; this is wrong. The parents in our school district deserve to be heard and have a seat at the table. Sadie will be your voice to carry that message forward, loud and clear.

Sadie with Teacher

Partner with parents and staff to prepare students for a bright future
We must improve the quality of our education to meet the needs of every student. Sadie is passionate and motivated to make a positive difference with sensible class sizes and equal and accessible education for all students. It’s critical that our district adapt to a changing world. We must continue to invest in technology and innovation so that every student upon graduation is prepared for college, career and technical education, or the workforce.

Get politics out of our classrooms
Many parents feel that controversial policies and political platforms are replacing important education opportunities. As responsible citizens and parents, we must remove politics from our classrooms. Sadie has been listening to parents and she feels strongly that schools must get back to the basics; teaching kids how to think, not what to think, so they have a great start at succeeding in life.

Fostering a safe learning environment
Working with our community law enforcement partners, we must provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students. Sadie will provide strong leadership so that Washougal remains a caring and giving community where everyone is welcomed and the safety of our students is never compromised.

Sadie will be your voice on the Washougal School Board
As the mother of two children in the Washougal School district, Sadie is running to be your voice! Our students are the future of this community! Sadie will work tirelessly to put students first with every decision she makes on the Washougal School Board.

Tel. (541) 946-3403 / Email ElectSadie@gmail.com
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